Kanheri Caves Trek


Kanheri Caves Trek

Kanheri Caves Trek 

I went to Kanheri Caves Trek on 10 May 2007 with my job friends Ganesh Satdive and Shaveen Pillai. At that time I was working in Omnia BPO. We were working for Indian Airlines process. We were getting very bored by our routine office work. So we were thinking that what we should go for Kanheri Caves trek for refreshment. So we had decided to go to Kanheri Caves Trek. Kanheri Caves are near to Mumbai. Kanheri Caves trek are best for those people who want refreshment but dont want to go away from Mumbai.

Kanheri Caves are situated in Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali. This was month of May so climate was very hot. I woke up early in the morning got ready for Kanheri Caves Trek. I caught train for Thane. We all friends met at Thane station and cought Borivali bus for Kanheri Caves Trek. It took approximately 2 hours for us to reach Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Bus dropped us in the front of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. We had purchased ticket for entry in Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

When we entered Sanjay Gandhi National Park there was bus going to Kanheri Caves. We caught bus for Kanheri Caves Trek. Kanheri Caves are 6 Km away from Sanjay Gandhi National Park Gate. After half an hour journey we had reached to Kanheri Caves. When you go to Sanjay Gandhi National Park you must visit to Kanheri Caves. Bus conductor told us that if you want to come with us then see the caves within half an hour and come back. 

But we had decided that we will see the Kanheri Caves more than half an hour and go back to Sanjay Gandhi National Park gate by trekking. We had explore Kanheri Caves for more than 2 hours. We had carried some snacks with us. We had eaten snacks at the top of mountain. There were so many monkeys. You have to be beware of these naughty monkeys. Whenever you want to eat something these monkeys will come and snatch your snacks from you.

After exploring Kanheri Caves we started our journey towards Sanjay Gandhi National Park gate. This was month of May so we were very thirsty. On the way we had seen movie shooting. Sanjay Dutt was the hero in that movie. It took approximately 2 hours to reach to Sanjay Gandhi National Park entrance from Kanheri Caves. In evening we caught bus for Thane from Borivali Bus Depot. This was one of the best trek in my life. 

So many years are passed but Kanheri Caves Trek memories are fresh in my mind. One thing I miss about Kanheri Caves is that I dont have any photograph of Kanheri Caves trek. In 2007 there were no android phones. I wish we had taken photos for Kanheri Caves trek. Almost 13 years are passed from Kanheri Caves trek but memories are still fresh in my mind. So many tourist come to see Kanheri Caves. They are eager to know more about Kanheri Caves. Everyone must visit Kanheri Caves once in their lifetime. 

Placed 42 kms north of Mumbai, near Borivali, the Kanheri Caves were once protected by a dense jungle. The Caves are set in the heart of of the Borivali National Park. There are 109 Caves dating from 1st Century BC to 9th Century AD, each connected with a flight of steps. The most significant one is the Cave No.3 of the 6th Century, which was the last of the excavated Chaitya Hall of the Hinayana order. Cave No.3 has 34 Pillars and is like a colonnaded hall 28 mtrs x 13 mtrs in dimension. These encircle a 5 mtrs high Dagoba or Stupa and have carvings depicting elephants kneeling and worshipping the Stupa.

The other significant caves are, Cave 11, the Durbar Hall or the Assembly Hall with a statue of the Buddha occupying the central place as in the case of idols in Hindu temples and also a number of cells for Buddhist monks.

Cave 34 is a dark cell and has paintings of the Buddha on the ceilings. 

Cave 41 has, besides other sculptures, a figure of the eleven headed Avalokiteshavara.

Cave 67 is a big cell, with the figure of Avalokiteshavara as saviour flanked by two female figures in the verandah. There are also images of the Buddha depicting the miracle of Sravasti. 

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Kanheri Caves Trek
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Kanheri Caves Trek
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Kanheri Caves Trek
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