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Hi! I'm Paul Harrington


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Showing posts from November, 2020

Polo Forest Trek

Polo Forest Trek  Bestride the Gujarat - Rajasthan border, Vijaynagar Forest, better known as Polo Forest, is endowed with green hills and serene jungles that are best explored during monsoon. Harnav River, running through the forest, adds to its beauty. There are around 275 species of…

Andaman & Nicobar Island

Andaman & Nicobar Island Ringent with unending swathes of mangroves and rainforests, the Andamans pride themselves on their immaculate, unblemished beaches. It also accommodate many a cultural and historical sight - commences your journey at Cellular Jail in Port Blair, and revel i…

Day Trips from Sydney Australia You Must Try

Day Trips from Sydney Australia You Must Try Australia flourishes amongst the most beautiful countries in the world. So, there is no doubt that Australia has a great demand among numerous visitors. Sydney surpasses all the other attractions of Australia becoming the pioneer of Austral…

Chembra Lake Trek

Chembra Lake Trek  Imagine sitting with a close one by a heart shaped lake on the top of a mountain peak, whilst feasting your eyes on endless swathes of tea plantations and undulating rain washed greens of the Western Ghats. That is exactly what the Chembra Lake trek offers to those will…

Irshalgad Fort Trek

Irshalgad Fort Trek I went to Irshalgad fort trek on 24 September 2017. In Irshalgad fort trek we were three trekking friends Praveen, Madhavi and me. I wake up early in the morning and caught train for Thane. From thane I caught another train for Panvel. We all met at Panvel Bus Stand.…

Valley of Flowers Trek | Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers Trek | Uttarakhand  High in the mountains of Uttarakhand lies an alpine meadow that is best known for being a paradise on earth. Over 600 varieties of flowering plants bloom to their fullest in the rains, carpeting the valley in colourful hues as far as the eye can s…