Nandi Hills Trek


Nandi Hills Trek

Nandi Hills Trek 

Said to be Tipu Sultans former rest and recuperation place after tiresome bottles, Nandi Hills boast a salubrious climate all year round. You can either drive or climb (1175 steps from the base of the hills) to the top where you can stroll with the sun on your back and cool breeze in your hair.

Nandi Hills

Things To Do

Popular for paragliding, this is a great destination for adrenaline junkies. History buffs, too, can indulge in local heritage and architecture. There are two temples-the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple at the base of the hills and the Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple at the top. While the former belongs to the Bana Dynasty, the latter is from the Chola period. In fact, the hills got their name from the beautiful Nandi statues at both these temples. Tipu's Drop-a 2000 feet high cliff from where convicts were dropped at the behest of Tipu Sultan-is worth a visit. You can watch the magical sunset and sunrise from here, whilst enjoy breathtaking views of Bengaluru. Make sure to visit Amrita Sarovar, also known as the Lake of Ambrosia-a perennial spring made enchanting under the moonlight.

How To Reach Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills are approximately 61 km away from Bengaluru.

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