The names of 5 Maharashtra forts which located in forest


The names of 5 Maharashtra forts which located in forest

The names of 5 Maharashtra forts which located in forest

1. Karnala Fort

Attached to the Mumbai-Goa highway is the Karnala Fort. Despite being very close to Mumbai and close to highway, there are very few tourist other than school trips. But there is so much to see in this area. Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a footpath to the Karnala Fort. At th bottom of the cone in the centre of the Karnala fort are dug water tanks and granaries, as well as the remains of a nearby building. Be careful while climbing this cone, it is difficult to climb either cone and the bees in the beehive hanging on the top are constantly buzzing on the head. So only those who are sure should dare to go there. Apart from this, another feature of Karnala is that the village of Shirdhon, the birthplace of the freedom fighter Vasudev Balwant Phadke, can also be visited from here. 

2. Takmak Fort 

Takmak Fort Trek Information

Height : 2000 Feet

Difficulty Level : Medium

Duration : 3 Hours for Ascending and 1.5 hours for Descending

Location : Virar 

How To Reach Takmak Fort 

By Train:

Get down at Vasai or Virar railway station and hire auto rikshaw or tumtum for base village Sakawar. Sakawar is the village located on Western express highway. 

By Road:

By Western Express Highway you will reach to base village Sakawar 

3. Gorakhgad Fort 

You can not  get such pleasure not only in Maharashtra but also other parts of India. If you want to stay in caves of Gorakhgad fort then you have to carry lot of food and water with you.If you want to go to Gorakhgad Fort then you have to reach Narivalis via Murbad. From Narivalis you have to take S.T to reach the base village of Gorakhgad Fort. From base village of Gorakhgad you will get small footpath to reach Gorakhgad Fort.

4. Pipaldol Fort 

Pipaldol Fort is located in Ambabarwa Sanctuary. By observing the construction of Pipaldol Fort it seems like Pipaldol Fort was built 500-600 years ago. Pipaldol Fort was built for the purpose of surveying. So that we can observe that Pipalgad Fort is not mention anywhere in history. Due to this we are not getting references of Pipaldol Fort in history. Before climbing Pipaldol Fort it looks like very heigh. Once we started climbing Pipaldol Fort then we feel that its short. Satshila mountain is located in north west direction of Pipaldol Fort. The hill on which Pipaldol Fort is located is impassable and unattackable. And these two ways to get there are equally thrilling. As the fort is built for surveillance purposes only, there are no large buildings, temples or mosques to stay in.

5. Kamandurg Fort 

In Kamandurg Fort Trek you will observe that its not continuous ascending. At the starting of Kamandurg fort trek first you have to go in upward direction then downward direction again in upward direction this makes Kamandurg fort trek very exciting. After trekking some distance in downward direction suddenly we have found one big mountain in the front of us. This was 180 degree upward trek. This was Kamandurg fort. Some other trek groups were also with us but they got very tired and decided to go back. 


01 Day 

Trek Type :

A well marked trail that alternatives between rock patches and scree.

Height :

2100 Feet

Base Village :


Best time to Visit :

Anytime you can visit the fort.

Trekking Time :

Its take around 3 hours to reach on the top of Kamandurg Fort. 

Water Availability :

Water is available only in Rainy season.

Food Availability:

No hotels or dhaba are available from Vasai to Devkundi Village. You should take heavy breakfast at Vasai station. You must carry afternoon lunch also. On the way you wont get any hotel or dhaba. We have done big mistake not carrying food. 

Accomodation :

No accomodation is available on the fort 

How To Reach Kamandurg Fort :

Kamandurg Fort
Kamandurg Fort Route 

By Train :

First Route:

Get local train for Vasai railway station. Get a rikshaw or ST buses for Kaman Village. Walk towards Devkundi base village for Kandurg fort trek. 

Second Route :

Get Panvel-Vasai or Vasai-Panvel Memu train for Kaman Road railway staion. From Kaman Road railway station you can get Auto Rikshaw for Devkundi village. 

By Road :

Vasai Railway Station-Devkundi-Kamandurg Fort . Kamandurg Fort is located on Vasai-Bhiwandi road. 


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