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Hi! I'm Paul Harrington


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Dandeli Tourism

Dandeli Tourism  Dandelis ecosystem comprises lush tropical vistas which include Kali River and varied wildlife. You can undertake trekking, safari tours, boat rides, mountain biking and cycling in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to the elusive black panther. When we are mov…

Best Tourist Places to visit in Puducherry

Best Tourist Places to visit in Puducherry Puducherry is a former French dependency with a significant expatriate population. Christmas is celebrated in true French tradition in Puducherry town.  Places to Visit in Puducherry Puducherry Beach Auroville Sri Aurobindo Ashra…

The names of 5 Maharashtra forts which located in forest

The names of 5 Maharashtra forts which located in forest 1. Karnala Fort Attached to the Mumbai-Goa highway is the Karnala Fort. Despite being very close to Mumbai and close to highway, there are very few tourist other than school trips. But there is so much to see in this area. Karnala B…

Best Places to Visit in Kannur

Best Places to Visit in Kannur  Sandwiched between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, the land of theyyam offers an electric mix of traditions. The ancient commercial and cultural hub of the Malabar region, Kannur has a rich and chequered history. From the Dutch and Portuguese to British …

Goecha La Trek

Goecha La Trek Goecha La arguably offers the best trek in India, if you wish to be up-close and personal with some of the most majestic Himalayan peaks ( its also one of the most gruelling, and lasts for 10 days.  Standing at 15100 feet above sea level, this high mountain pass feature…

Nandi Hills Trek

Nandi Hills Trek  Said to be Tipu Sultans former rest and recuperation place after tiresome bottles, Nandi Hills boast a salubrious climate all year round. You can either drive or climb (1175 steps from the base of the hills) to the top where you can stroll with the sun on your back an…