Tandulwadi Fort Trek


Tandulwadi Fort Trek

Tandulwadi Fort Trek 

I went to Tandulwadi Fort Trek on 15 August 2016 with my college friends. After finishing college in 2005 we all friends were planning for trek. Finally that day has come. In Tandulwadi Fort trek there was team of 4 trekkers. Rakesh, Kaustubh, Ramdas and me. We were very excited for Tandulwadi Fort trek. Every time we make some plan for trek and it got cancelled due to some reason. On 15 August 2016 I woke up early in the morning and got ready for Tandulwadi fort trek.

Tandulwadi Fort
Tandulwadi Fort View from Base Village 
Rakesh, Kaustubh and me met on railway station. We caught 5.30 memo train for Boisar. There was lot of rush in train. There was too much rain that day. Slowly the train was moving towards our destination. We had to get down at Safale railway station for Tandulwadi fort trek. Our train reached Vasai railway station at 6.30 am. We were going to take 1 hour more to reach Safale railway station. 

Tandulwadi Fort
Tandulwadi Fort Trek Team 
Finally at 7.30 am we have reached Safale railway station. We were feeling very hungry because we did not have breakfast from home. We were waiting for our friend Ramdas because he went in night shift. We thought what to do in free time. We thought we would take some photographs. Everyone does friendship with time. But the real fun is when the time changes but friends don't change. 

Tandulwadi Fort
Dense Forest 
Ramdas arrived at 8.00 am. You can understand how happy we are when all the college friends meet together. We were feeling very hungry. We went outside Safale railway station for breakfast. I had taken Vada pav and Samosa in breakfast. After finishing breakfast we had taken parcel for afternoon lunch also. We asked a Auto Rikshaw man how much money he would take to reach base village of Tandulwadi Fort. 

Tandulwadi Fort
Tandulwadi Fort 
He told some amount but so many years are passed I don't remember the amount. We were 4 people. So it was very difficult for us to getting into a rikshaw. Finally we hired Tumtum auto rikshaw for base village of Tandulwadi. The weather was very pleasant. Slowly we were moving towards Tandulwadi Fort. On the way we saw a lot of mountains, forest and valley. The cold air used to say something. Some things can only be felt and cannot be told.
Tandulwadi Fort
Water Cisterns 
That curved road looked good. Wherever we looked, only greenery was visible. It seemed that the earth has covered the green sheet. Finally we reached to the base village of Tandulwadi fort after 45 minutes journey by Tumtum Auto Rikshaw. We asked some villagers to how to go to Tandulwadi Fort. They told us the way to Tandulwadi Fort. Finally our trek for Tandulwadi fort was started. 

Tandulwadi Fort
Tandulwadi Fort 
At the beginning of the Tandulwadi fort trek we forgot the way. We could not find a way from where to start the Tandulwadi fort trek. Finally we have decided that we will make our own way. Where there is a will there is a way. We looked towards the peak of Tandulwadi Fort and started our trek. Its very challenging task to find out right way to reach destination when you don't know anything.

Tandulwadi Fort
Vaitarna River 

It was rainy season, so the rain was coming in between. We were slowly moving towards Tandulwadi fort. On the way, we sometimes saw sharp stones, and sometimes the zigzag way. There was greenery all around. We were making our own way from among the thick bushes and were moving towards Tandulwadi Fort. After 1 hour trek we have reached to the base of Tandulwadi Fort. Now there was steep climb from here. We noticed that there was also trekking group. It was Independence day so they also hoisted the flag there. We climbed the steep cliff. 

Tandulwadi Fort Trek Photos 

Tandulwadi Fort Trek Information

Height: 1900 Feet

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Time Required for Ascending:  3 hours 

Time Required for Descending: 1.5 hours 

Base Village: Tandulwadi 

How To Reach Tandulwadi Fort

Tandulwadi Fort
Tandulwadi Fort Trek Route 

By Train :

Safale is the nearest railway station on western railway line. 


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If u mention in which state is the trekking in the article ,it will be helpful
Traveller Ram said…
Jyothi Madam, Thanks for your valuable feedback, where should I mention name of the state in title or some where else.

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