Dhodap Fort Trek


Dhodap Fort Trek

Dhodap Fort Trek

After the onset of monsoons, you must visit Dhodap Fort. Hatti village can be reached by private vehicle from Wadali Bhoi village on Nashik highway at the foot of Dhodap fort. It is better to go out to climb Dhodap fort without taking much luggage with you as a guide from the village. Rainy days and slippery slopes make it difficult to climb if you have heavy luggage.

Dhodap Fort 

I don't even know how much we walked on the road, which was full of small bushes and colorful flowers in the grass. After a half-hour ascent from the foothills, one can reach the fortified gates and bastions without gates. Here is a small plateau. If you want to sit in the wet soil, you can sit here for a while, experiencing the nature around you, enjoying the cool air of the rainy season. Because from here the real climb begins. After a difficult half hour climb, the fort can be reached. The wind is so strong here that the balance can be lost.

How To Reach Dhodap Fort Trek 

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