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Hi! I'm Paul Harrington

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Hi! I'm Paul Harrington


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Tandulwadi Fort Trek

Tandulwadi Fort Trek  I went to Tandulwadi Fort Trek on 15 August 2016 with my college friends. After finishing college in 2005 we all friends were planning for trek. Finally that day has come. In Tandulwadi Fort trek there was team of 4 trekkers. Rakesh, Kaustubh, Ramdas and me. We …

Takmak Fort Trek

Takmak Fort Trek I went to Takmak Fort trek on 08 July 2018. I want to write about Takmak Fort trek since longer time. Finally today I got opportunity to write about Takmak Fort trek. I will never forget about Takmak Fort trek in my life. I woke up early in the morning  got ready for …

BEST Beaches in India

BEST Beaches in India Mandwa Beach  Andhra Pradesh Manginapudi Beach Vodarevu Beach Mypadu Beach Ramakrishna Beach Rishikonda Beach Bheemunipatnam Beach Baruva Beach Suryalanka Beach Thummalapenta Beach Uppada Beach Vakalapudi Beach Yarada Beach Bhavani Island B…

Dhodap Fort Trek

Dhodap Fort Trek After the onset of monsoons, you must visit Dhodap Fort. Hatti village can be reached by private vehicle from Wadali Bhoi village on Nashik highway at the foot of Dhodap fort. It is better to go out to climb Dhodap fort without taking much luggage with you as a gui…

11 Things To Carry While Travelling

11 Things To Carry While Travelling   Great sack Body spray Bisleri, Limbusoda Limlet, chocolate Towels, napkins Coconut oil, powder, comb Paper soap, liquid soap Amla betel nut, dill Gogle, pen, diary Camera, mobile and charger Medications as needed…