6 Steps To Stress Free Travel


6 Steps To Stress Free Travel

6 Steps To Stress Free Travel

Holidays are exciting but the long transit hours and physical strain can be overwhelming. Here are some easy tips to tackle travel peeves - from leg cramps to muscle aches and everything in between.
Stress free travel

1. Dress Comfortably

If the journey is a long one and you're expecting to do a lot of walking around, then you might want to reconsider those well-fitted trousers and high-heeled shoes. Instead, go for clothes that allow your skin to breathe, and flat-soled footwear, which is easy on your back.

2. Exercise when Seated

Leg exercise during a flight or car drive encourages the flow of blood in the body and avoids swelling of feet. Clench your toes, spread them, and then, swing them up and down alternately. Rotate your feet from the ankle joint and stretch the calves lightly. Be gentle and do not strain your legs beyond your capacity. Massaging the feet, ankles, lower legs and knee also helps.

3. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can cause muscle stiffness and cramps. Consuming water sip by sip hydrates the body better than gulping it down hurriedly. Never wait until you're too thirsty as that could invite a host of other health issues. Low level of potassium may also cause cramps. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and a handy snack to keep in your carry bag.

4. Perform Prana Mudra For Tired Legs

Prana mudra, as documented in hasta yoga, helps to overcome fatigue, low endurance, leg pain and numbness in any body part. Join the tips for your little and ring fingers with the tip of your thumb. You can perform this mudra with both hands while you're sitting, reclining or lying down. While there's no maximum time limit, it's ideal to do it for at least 15 minutes along with deep breathing. 

5. Use Acupressure To Reduce Swelling and Leg Pain 

The acupressure point at the centre of the palm can activate your kidneys to process toxins and excess water. Press the point with the thumb of your other hand until you feel mild pain, and then release it. Continue doing this for five minutes per hand. 

6. Strengthen Muscles Naturally

If you're experiencing severe pain, ask for a cooling pain relief spray or an ice pack. However call a doctor if you experiencing pain that is concentrated in one leg or one that lingers long after you've deboarded the flight. Never ignore pain coupled with fever or muscle tightness that continuous for a prolonged period of time. 

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