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Hi! I'm Paul Harrington


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Garbett Point Trek Matheran

Garbett Point Trek Matheran I went to Garbett Point Trek on 15 August 2014. This was the first trek I went with any trekking group. Before this I have done so many treks with my childhood friends. After Garbett Point Trek I started regular trekking and I went to so many treks with diff…

Mahuli Fort Trek

Mahuli Fort Trek On Mumbai-Nashik Highway just before Shahapur on left side you will see heighted mountain called Mahuli Fort. Mahuli Fort is devided into three parts. Mahuli Fort north part is called Palasgad, middle part is called Mahuli and southern part is called Bhandardurg. You…

6 Steps To Stress Free Travel

6 Steps To Stress Free Travel Holidays are exciting but the long transit hours and physical strain can be overwhelming. Here are some easy tips to tackle travel peeves - from leg cramps to muscle aches and everything in between. 1. Dress Comfortably If the journey is a long…

Bhivgad Fort Trek

Bhivgad Fort Trek  I went to Bhivgad Fort trek on 14 July 2019. This was one of the most memorable trek in life. We all trekking friends meet at 8 am sharp in the morning at Karjat railway station. There was team of 6 people. Pragyan, Amit, Pradeep, Madhavi and Amit Singh were in the …

8 Myths Uncovered About Korlai Forts

8 Myths Uncovered About Korlai Forts  I went to Korlai fort trek on 01 October 2017. This was one of the most memorable trek in my life. Almost 3 years are passed but memories of Kolai fort trek are still fresh in my mind. In this trek there was 4 people including me. On 01 October 201…