Ananthagiri Hills Trek


Ananthagiri Hills Trek

Ananthagiri Hills Trek

A mere 90 km away from the bustling metropolis of Hyderabad lies a group of hills, lush with green forest cover. Musi River and several small rivulets run through Ananthagiri Hills, which are believed to be one of the earliest habited areas in the South.

Ananthagiri Hills Trek
Ananthagiri Hills 

A popular day trek, it constitutes one of the densest forest in Telangana. Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple, perched on the hills, can be accessed via a well made road snaking through thick foliage. From there, a short trekking trail leads you deeper into the forest, with ancient caves and medieval fort like structures along the way. Spend some time at Nagasamudram Lake, a masonry reservoir offering some of the most serene vistas during monsoon. Walk past a lighthouse and reach the topmost point that provides unforgettable views.

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Trekking Distance :

Approximately 3 km 

Duration :

Half a day from Hyderabad 

How to Reach

Ananthagiri Hills are approximately 90 km from Hyderabad. 

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