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Hi! I'm Paul Harrington


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Pratapgad Fort Trek | Satara | Maharashtra

Pratapgad Fort Trek | Satara | Maharashtra  I went to Pratapgad Fort Trek on 10 September 2017. Almost 3 years are passed but Pratapgad Fort memories are still fresh in my mind. Pratapgad Fort trek was one of the most memorable trek in my life. Pratapgad Fort trek was combined trek w…

Forts in Maharashtra

Forts in Maharashtra Takmak Fort  Forts in Thane District Ghodbunder Fort Kamandurg Fort Gorakhgad Fort Mahuli Fort Durgadi Fort Irshalgad Fort Malanggad Fort Takmak Fort Kohoj Fort Tandulwadi Fort Vasai Fort  Arnala Fort Belapur Fort K…

Lohagad Fort Trek

Lohagad Fort Trek I went to Lohagad Fort Trek on 06 August 2017. Almost 3 years are passed but memories of Lohagad Fort Trek are still fresh in my mind. Lohagad Fort Trek was one of the most memorable trek in my life. I went for Lohagad fort trek with 99 hikers trekking group. This wa…

Gorakhgad Fort Trek

Gorakhgad Fort Trek I went to Gorakhgad Fort Trek on 12 August 2018. I met with my trekking team at Kalyan station at 7 AM in the morning. There was 4 people in the team. From Kalyan we have caught bus for Murbad City. This was monsoon season so there was little rain. We were very exci…

Tarkarli Beach Scuba Diving

Tarkarli Beach Scuba Diving  Tarkarli is a touristy, yet sleepy hamlet lying along the Konkan coast. Enjoy the warmth of friendly locals, who make the best recommendations for food and activities to be enjoyed in this quaint village. You can have a fairly exciting snorkelling and scub…