Saguna Baug | One Day Trip Near Mumbai | Agro Tourism Farm | Neral Maharashtra Speciality Resort | Near Mumbai Is A Beautiful Homestay


Saguna Baug | One Day Trip Near Mumbai | Agro Tourism Farm | Neral Maharashtra Speciality Resort | Near Mumbai Is A Beautiful Homestay

Saguna Baug | One Day Trip Near Mumbai | Agro Tourism Farm | Neral Maharashtra Speciality Resort | Near Mumbai Is A Beautiful Homestay

I visited Saguna Baug trip on 03 February 2019 with my office friends. i used to be planning for Saguna Baug trip for therefore many days. Finally day has come that I even have got opportunity to travel for Saguna Baug trip. This was one among the foremost memorable trip in my life. Saguna Baug is best place for the peoples who cant attend their village thanks to busy schedule of their city life. you'll live village life for at some point by visiting Saguna Baug. this is often best place for at some point trip near Mumbai by my personal experience. On 03 February 2019 I got up early within the morning. i used to be very excited for Saguna Baug trip. I got able to catch the local train. I called my office friends they told me that they need caught local train. I even have also caught an equivalent local train and same coach. I met my office friends in local train. After 2 hour journey from Mumbai to Neral we all met at Neral railroad station . A number of my friends were late they were coming from another local train. So we were having lot of additional time for photography with us.
Saguna Baug
Saguna Baug 
 We started taking some photographs nearby places with us. In between we have seen Matheran Toy Train also coming from Matheran to Neral railway station. Finally friends were come for whom we were waiting. Then we have called Saguna Baug enquiry number for bus services. They have told that one bus is coming from Saguna Baug to Neral railway station to take us to Saguna Baug. Finally we boarded the bus. There was another office group also they were playing Antakshari.
Saguna Baug
Saguna Baug 
We have also participated in Antakshari and enjoyed the songs. Finally we have reached Saguna Baug entrance gate. We have visited booking counter and inform them regarding our bookings. Finally we have got entry in Saguna Baug. Then we started our walk towards breakfast point. On the way we have taken so many photographs also. We reached breakfast point. Breakfast was very delicious. Everything in breakfast was organic. In breakfast there was Poha, Idli Sambhar, Medu Vada, Sheera, Upma items.
Saguna Baug
Saguna Baug 
 I ate Idli and Poha for breakfast. After breakfast you can take tea or coffee. After finishing breakfast and tea we went to see the Ostrich Birds. They are very cute. You cant believe that you are playing with Ostrich Birds. You can take photographs with Ostrich Birds. In between Ostrich birds may be play with your heads. Ostrich birds are tall in height. Once we have seen Ostrich birds then we went to see how honey bees make honey.
Saguna Baug
Saguna Baug Fishing 
 There was one old man who was covered with clothes from top to the bottom so that honey bees cant bite him. Old man was very daring person he has shown us Honeycomb. He told us regarding the colony of Honey bees. How honey bees lives. How honey bees works are devided. Each and every information regarding honey bees was given by the old man. After watching honey bees colony we went to see the potters art work. The potter was making clay pots. We started watching how potter is making clay pots.
Saguna Baug
Saguna Baug 
 He was expert in making clay pots. Within few minutes he makes so many clay pots. Good thing is that if you want to help the potter in making of clay pots you can help. After seeing the potters great work they have provided us Guide for the Saguna Baug tour. The guide name was Nilesh. He was very helpful person. Now it was Nilesh responsibility to show as entire Saguna Baug. Nilesh shown us how they do cabbage farming.
Saguna Baug
Saguna Baug Adventure Activity 
Nilesh has given us information regarding different plant trees, whats are there name and how old they are. Nilesh shown us how they make Biogas.After Saguna Baug tour we have reached to the last corner of Saguna Baug. Once Saguna Baug tour is completed we were very tired. We drank kokum syrup to blow away tiredness. Once Saguna Baug tour is completed we went to watch Malkhambh show. Malkhambh is very old art in India. Saguna Baugh Malkhambh show is very popular.
Saguna Baug
Saguna Baug 
Malkhambh show takes around  45-60 minutes to complete the show. There was group of around 10-15 people who were performing Malkhambh show. All of us were surprised by watching Malkhambh show. They have performed the entire Malkhambh show by using single pole. This was one of the best experience in my life. Horse Riding is also available in Saguna Baug. Horse Riding was available just besides the Malkhambh Show. Some people have done Horse Riding those who like it.
 After Horse Riding we went to see some other animals and birds also. In Saguna Baug we have seen Ostrich Birds, Deer, Hen and Honey bees. After watching different birds and animals we went to see Fish Show. Saguna Baug Fish Show is very famous. Saguna Baug Fish Show takes around 1 hour to watch complete Fish Show. We sat on the bank of the pond to watch Saguna Baug Fish Show. There was around 100 people sat on bank of the pond to watch Saguna Baug Fish Show.
 Some people who have not got the place they were stood to watch the Saguna Baugh Fish Show. Staff who were catching fish in pond were puting lot of efforts to catch the fish. I have never seen such a big fishes in my life.Good thing is that staff brings fish near to you. If you want to touch you can touch them.

Saguna Baug Features

  • Saguna Baug is a part of farming activity.
  • Saguna Baug is an Eco-Friendly-Agro Rural Tourism setup since 1985.
  • Saguna Baug is accessible by rail and road in about two hours from Mumbai and Pune.
  • Saguna Baug has restless river and supervised swimming within.
  • Saguna Baug has great variety of flora and fauna.
  • In Saguna Baug you can look out for enchanting birds.
  • Saguna Baug has varous agricultural projects like Horticulture, Agro forestry, Dairy and Aquaculture.
  • Saguna Baug visit can be combine with a visit to Matheran, Bhimashankar or Siddhagad.
  • In Saguna Baug you can enjoy the million star camping. 


Saguna Baug Videos 

How To Reach to Saguna Baug

Saguna Baug
Saguna Baug Route 


Nearest Airport is Mumbai. Saguna Baug is 131 Kms away from Mumbai Airport.


Nearest Railway Station is Neral. Neral is the Railway Station on Central Railway Line. Neral Railway Station is 84 km away from Mumbai. Saguna Baug is 4 km away from Neral railway station.

Karjat and Khopoli Local Trains halt at Neral railway station

Trains From Pune To Neral/Karjat

Sinhagad Express: 6.05 AM (Pune Station)

Sahyadri Express: 6.50 AM ( Pune Station)

Pragati Express: 7.50 AM ( Pune Station )

Deccan Express: 3.30 PM ( Pune Station )

Trains From Neral/ Karjat To Pune 

Deccan Express: 8.29 AM ( Neral Station )

Koyna Express: 10.03 AM ( Neral Station )

Karjat Pune Shuttle: 3.20 PM ( Karjat Station )

Bus or Auto Rikshaw Services are available from Neral Railway Station.

Mumbai - Neral 2 Hours

Neral- Saguna Baug 11 mins 


Distance Between Saguna Baug to Neral 11 km

Distance Between Neral to Mumbai 84 km

Distance Between Neral to Pune 113 km

All Vehicles hault at Dastur Naka

From Mumbai To Neral By Road

  • Mumbai-Sion
  • Vashi Bridge ( Thane-Airoli Bridge )
  • Konkan Bhavan
  • Kalamboli
  • Take Expressway
  • Exit at Shedung / Khopoli ( Within 10 minutes )
  • Old Highway
  • Towards Khopoli
  • About 10 minutes ( About 12 km ) Karjat Phata
  • Left Turn
  • 8 km
  • to Karjat
  • Left Turn
  • 14 km
  • to Neral
  • Right Turn
  • at Ambika Naka
  • Railway Crossing
  • Kalamb Road
  • 4 km
  • Big Bridge-Turn Left
  • Malegaon 1 km
  • Saguna Baug 

From Pune To Neral By Road

  • Pune - Expressway
  • Take non toll exit for Khopoli
  • Old highway towards Mumbai
  • Hal Phata
  • Take Right turn towards Karjat
  • Karjat Phata
  • Take Left Turn
  • 14 km to Neral
  • Right turn at Ambika Naka
  • Railway Crossing
  • Kalamb Road
  • 4 km
  • Big Bridge - Turn Left to Malegaon
  • 1 km
  • Saguna Baug

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