Kamandurg Fort Trek


Kamandurg Fort Trek

Kamandurg Fort Trek 

I went to Kamandurg Fort Trek on 17 June 2018. Almost 2 years are passed but Kamandurg Fort Trek memories are still fresh in my mind. We all trekking friends met at Naigaon railway stattion sharp 8 am in the morning. There was team of 5 people. One of our  friend  brought a car. So its was very easy for us for travelling. We can easily reach to the base village of Kamandurg Fort. There was very heavy rain on that day. We started our journey towards Kamandurg Fort.

Kamandurg Fort Trek
Kamandurg Fort 
On the way at some places we have found water logging also. We have lost the way also. We asked some local people to find the right way for Kamandurg Fort. When we were going towards Kamandurg Fort suddenly we have seen lot of water gathered on the road. One thing came in our mind that we have to go back without Kamandurg fort trek. We have discussed for few minutes then we have decided that we won't go back. Finally our car crossed the gathered water spot.

Kamandurg Fort Trek
Kamandurg Fort 
We were going towards Kamandurg Fort by crossing difficulties on our way. We have not taken breakfast also. We thought that we will take breakfast on the way when we will get some hotel or dhaba. Unfortunately we have got no hotel or dhaba on our way to Kamandurg Fort. We were feeling very hungry. Finally we have reached base village Devkundi at 9.00 am. We have parked our car near to one house and asked them regarding guide. There was two small child who were ready to become our guide. 

Kamandurg Fort Trek
Dense Forest 

We had asked them can they provide us afternoon lunch. They were ready to provide us afternoon lunch. Finally our food problem was solved. We started our Kamandurg Fort trek with our small child guides. They were very energetic and enthuastic. We started following our guides. Rain also in between coming and going. After travelling some distance from Devkundi village we have reached to the base of Kamandurg Fort. 

Kamandurg Fort Trek
Panoramic View from the top of Kamandurg Fort

I would like to mention one thing that from base of Kamandurg fort you will get hard climb. You should be mentally prepare that this is not very easy fort trek. After trekking some distance we get tired and took the rest for sometime. We were going through dense forest towards our destination. You will get different type of insects also. Its advisable to wear full sleeve T shirt and track pant. We had to take rest after trekking some distance because we got dehydrated due to hard climb. At some places you will get bramble whose height is more than you. 

Kamandurg Fort Trek
Kamandurg Fort Trek Dense Forest

I was trekking towards Kamandurg fort but suddenly the thorny bush came in my eye. My eye was closed for some time. So its advisable to wear goggle or glasses. On the way to kamandurg fort we were getting dense fogs also. We have lost the way because we were unable to see anything in the front. Half group members went ahead of us and we were left behind. After coming back some distance we have found the right way to Kamandurg fort. After trekking 1hour 30 minuted suddenly we started going towards downward direction. There was very dense fog. This was giving us feeling that we were in Kashmir.  

Kamandurg Fort Trek
Dense Fog

In Kamandurg Fort Trek you will observe that its not continuous ascending. At the starting of Kamandurg fort trek first you have to go in upward direction then downward direction again in upward direction this makes Kamandurg fort trek very exciting. After trekking some distance in downward direction suddenly we have found one big mountain in the front of us. This was 180 degree upward trek. This was Kamandurg fort. Some other trek groups were also with us but they got very tired and decided to go back. 
Kamandurg Fort Trek
Our Trekking Team 

There was very dense fog so we were unable to see things clearly. We had taken 10 minutes rest then moved towards our destination Kamandurg Fort. Our guides were smaller in age but very experienced in trekking. They have guided us how to climb 180 degree rocks. They climbed the rock earlier behind them we also climbed the rock. Once we finished this challenge then there was another tough patch for us. Our guides were very energetic. They were not taking the name of being tired. We were moving towards Kamandurg Fort. 

Kamandurg Fort
Its Photography Time

After climbing 3 tough patches we had reached at the top of Kamandug Fort. I was a wonderful sight. There was very dense fog on the top of Kamandug Fort. We were all in dense fog. There was a trekking group before us. They were taking rest. We had started exploring the fort. We had clicked some good photographs of Kamandurg fort with our mobile phone. Once we explored the fort then we started relaxing. We relaxed for 30 minutes. After a hard climb on fort a little rest is required. This gives us energy to descend the fort again. 

Kamandurg Fort
Going through dense forest 

Kamandurg Fort
Our Guide 

Kamandurg Fort
Crossing Waterfall 

Kamandurg Fort
Sky has no limit 

Kamandurg Fort
Struggling to find our way in dense fog 

Kamandurg Fort
Its Relaxing time you can see Dewdrops on my hair 




01 Day 

Trek Type :

A well marked trail that alternatives between rock patches and scree.

Height :

2100 Feet

Base Village :


Best time to Visit :

Anytime you can visit the fort.

Trekking Time :

Its take around 3 hours to reach on the top of Kamandurg Fort. 

Water Availability :

Water is available only in Rainy season.

Food Availability:

No hotels or dhaba are available from Vasai to Devkundi Village. You should take heavy breakfast at Vasai station. You must carry afternoon lunch also. On the way you wont get any hotel or dhaba. We have done big mistake not carrying food. 

Accomodation :

No accomodation is available on the fort 

Things To Be Carried while Going For Kamandurg Fort Trek 

Water ( 3 Liters )
Identity Proof
Good Trekking Shoes 
Insect Repellent Cream
Snacks to Eat
Energy Powder
Small Medical Kit

Precautions to be taken while going for Kamandurg Fort Trek

Wear full sleeved T-shirt and full track pant. Wear goggle ( spectacles ) and cap also. At some places you may get bramble also. Bramble can directly come to your eyes. It is better to wear goggle or spectacles. 

Start your trek early in the morning 

You should hire local guide to assist you. Otherwise there may be chances that you will lost the way. 

Kamandurg Fort Trek Videos

How To Reach Kamandurg Fort Trek :

Kamandurg Fort
Kamandurg Fort Route 

By Train :

First Route:

Get local train for Vasai railway station. Get a rikshaw or ST buses for Kaman Village. Walk towards Devkundi base village for Kandurg fort trek. 

Second Route :

Get Panvel-Vasai or Vasai-Panvel Memu train for Kaman Road railway staion. From Kaman Road railway station you can get Auto Rikshaw for Devkundi village. 

By Road :

Vasai Railway Station-Devkundi-Kamandurg Fort . Kamandurg Fort is located on Vasai-Bhiwandi road. 


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