Irshalgad Fort Trek


Irshalgad Fort Trek

Irshalgad Fort Trek

I went to Irshalgad fort trek on 24 September 2017. In Irshalgad fort trek we were three trekking friends Praveen, Madhavi and me. I wake up early in the morning and caught train for Thane. From thane I caught another train for Panvel. We all met at Panvel Bus Stand. From Panvel we have joined group with whom we have to go for Irshalgad fort trek. We have taken breakfast. After breakfast we hired taxi for Nanhivali base village. From Panvel bus depo you have reach to Nanhivali base village buy bus also. We have seen Morbe dam also. Irshalgad fort is 3km away from Morbe dam. This was september end so climate was very hot. When we started trekking Irshalgad fort trek its 180 degree straight ascending. We took lot of rest because Irshalgad fort trek was not very easy trek. One of our friend was very tired so we had decided not to go further. Rest of the group went further for Irshalgad fort trek. We have taken some rest then moved for Irshalwadi village. Irshalwadi is village located on mountain. When we were moving towards Irshalwadi village, we saw that one villager was selling lime water. We were also very thirsty. We drank 2 glasses of lime water. We had taken some photographs at Irshalwadi village and then started descending towards Nanhivali base village. Withinn 1 hour we have reached to Nanhivali base village. We have got from riksha from Nanhivali Village and he dropped us on highway. We have hired one riksha from highway and dropped us at Panvel bus depo. We were very hungry. So we have taken lunch in hotel. After lunch we went to Panvel shopping mall. After sometime we caught train from Panvel to Thane. From Thane we have reached to our home town. Irshalgad fort trek was very good trekking experience. One thing I will always regret that I have not completed Irshalgad fort trek. We came back from Irshalgad fort trek in half. Whenever I will got opportunity for Irshalgad fort trek I will definetly complete Irshalgad fort trek. 

Irshalgad Fort Trek Information


Duration:2 Hour

Height:3700 Ft


Nearest Railway Station:Chauk

Base Village : Nanhivali 

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How to Reach to Irshalgad Fort Trek 

By Road:

Irshalgad fort is 1 km away from Nanhivali base village

Irshalgad fort is 52 km away from Vashi

On Mumbai-Pune highway take exit for Rasayani

Irshalgad fort is 18 km away from Shedung toll naka

Irshalgad fort is 3 km away from Morbe Dam 


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