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Hi! I'm Paul Harrington


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Khandala Hill Station

Khandala Hill Station When we are travelling from Mumbai to Pune then we get Borghat. Khandala village is found on up Capitol Hill of Borghat. This pier is understood as Khandala Ghat. there's always traffic in Khandala . Khandala Hill Station is located in western ghat in state …

Pipaldol Fort Trek

Pipaldol Fort Trek  Pipaldol Fort is located in Ambabarwa Sanctuary. By observing the construction of Pipaldol Fort it seems like Pipaldol Fort was built 500-600 years ago. Pipaldol Fort was built for the purpose of surveying. So that we can observe that Pipalgad Fort is not mention a…

Kohoj Fort Trek

Kohoj Fort Trek  Kohoj Fort is found on Mumbai - Ahmedabad Highway. Kohoj Fort is situated just before Manor on Mumbai - Ahmedabad Highway. Mostly people dont realize Kohoj Fort. only a few people realize Kohoj Fort. If you would like to travel to Kohoj Fort for trekking then you'…

BEST Tourist Places to Visit in Goa

BEST Tourist Places to Visit in Goa  Life within the lush green state of Goa with wide beaches is filled with song and dance and merriment to the lilting beat of guitars and drums. This place is a perfect blend of serene and peaceful atmosphere for the lazing holiday makers seeking…

Alibaug Beaches

Alibaug Beaches  Alibaug is famous for its beaches. Alibaug is known as Mini Goa also. Alibaug is also known as Goa of Maharashtra. Alibaug is best weekend beach vacation for Mumbaikars. Alibaug is perfect weekend destination for everyone.Everyone will get something of their choice …