Matheran Hill Station


Matheran Hill Station

Matheran Hill Station 

Matheran Hill Station

Matheran is famous Hill Station near Mumbai. Matheran is clean and quiet hill station. Matheran is very popular hill statiion in Maharashtra . The Soil of Matheran is red in colour. Most of the school arrange picnic to Matheran. Matheran is nearest hill station to Mumbai. Mumbai people always prefer to go to Matheran. I went to Matheran 4 times. Matheran meaning is forest on the forehead.  Matheran is very close to my heart. Matheran is 110 Kms away from Mumbai. By road its take around 3 hours to reach Matheran. By train its take around 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Neral. From Neral toy train take 2 hours to reach Matheran railway station. Matheran hill station is spread in 7.35 Square Kms Area. Matheran hill station is situated 2636 ft above the sea level. Vehicles are not allowed in Matheran. So many people come for trekking in Matheran. In Asia Matheran is the only hill station where vehicles are not allowed. You will get horses for regular horse riding in Matheran hill station.  Matheran is 22 kms away from Karjat railway station. Matheran is connected with all major cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai and Pune. Matheran is perfect weekend destination for Mumbaikars .

Matheran is famous for its forest. Matheran forest is still in very good condition. In Matheran forest we can get more than 150 varieties of trees. So many trees are used to make medicines. You will get Jambhul, Hirada, Behada, Khair trees in these forest. In monsoon Matheran Hill Station will give you very different experience. So many trekkers go to Matheran in monsoon. In 1850 Mr Mallet collector from thane has seen this hill station from Chowk village. Mr Mallets hobby was trekking.People says that he  reached to One tree hill point with one person and get down from Rambaug point. Mr Mallet likes Matheran too much. Matheran was his favourite place. Mr Mallet made his house in Matheran. Mumbai and Pune people are always ready to go to Matheran. If you want to spend 5 days with your family at nature then Matheran is best place for you. 

Matheran Toy Train 

Matheran is popular for its Toy Train. The Matheran Toy Train runs between Neral and Matheran. The Toy Train was started in 1907 between Neral and Matheran. The Toy Train covers 21 Kms distance between Neral and Matheran. Toy Train takes around 2 Hours to cover distance between Neral and Matheran.The 113 year old line connecting Neral to Matheran is the main way to reach the Matheran Hill Stattion. Matheran is close to Mumbai. As the Matheran Toy Train wheezes up into the clear mountain air, one can view the scenic vista of hills and plains below. The Toy Train to Matheran commences from Neral. Then Matheran Toy Train goes to Peb fort. Then Matheran Toy Train reach to Panorama point. Neral is the Central Railway Station on Mumbai-Pune Railway line. The Matheran Toy Train runs between sunrise and sunset. In monsoon there is no Toy Train between Neral to Matheran. 

Places to Visit in Matheran 

1. Alexander Point ( 2 Kms )
2. Artist Point ( 1 Kms )
3. Charlo Lake ( 3 Kms )
4. Choke Point ( 3 Kms )
5. Coronation Point (3 Kms )
6. Eco Point ( 4 Kms )
7. Garbett Point ( 5 Kms )
8. Heart Point ( 2 Kms )
9. Honeymoon Point ( 3 Kms )
10. Louisa Point ( 3 Kms )
11. Malets Spring ( 1 Kms )
12. Monkey Point ( 3 Kms )
13. Mount Berry Point 
14. Naroji Lord Garden 
15. Olympia Race Course
16. One Tree Hill Point
17. Panorama Point
18. Pay Master Park
19. Porcupine Point
20. Prabalgad Fort ( 19 Kms )
21. Rambaug Point
22. King George Point
23. King Edward Point
24. Landscape Point
25. Malang Point
26. Rustamjee Point
27. Cheynoy Point
28. Pisharnath Temple
29. Sunset Point

When to go Matheran 

People visit Matheran throughout the year. But best season to visit is monsoon. So many people come come to Matheran for trekking in monsoon. In winter season climate is very cold. People come to visit Matheran in winter also. Matheran is nearest hill station near Mumbai.


Climate of Matheran 

Lowest Temprature of Matheran is 16 C in winter

Highest Temprature of Matheran is 32 C in summer

Annual rainfall of Matheran is 530 Cms

Best Season to Visit: October to May

Shopping in Matheran

Chikki is very famous in Matheran. You can buy Chikki in Matheran. Bhelpuri is famous at sunset point of Matheran Hill Station.

Where to Eat in Matheran 

Gujarat Bhavan Hotel is famous Hotel in Matheran . You must try Gujrati Thali . I have tried Gujarati Thali 2 times. Gujarati Thali is very delicious.

Where to Stay in Matheran 

Royal Hotel

Kasturba Road,
Phone 230247

Hotel Lords 

Phone 30968614

Hotel Alexander

Alexander Point Trail,
Phone 230069

Ashok Hotel 

Chinoy Road,
Phone 9324708122

Cesil Hotel 

Chinoy Road,
Phone 8108878821

Divadkar Hotel

Dist MG Road Dist
Phone 230223

Hotel Girivihar

M.G Road,
Taluka Karjat,
Dist Raigad,
Maharashtra 410102
Phone 9420059558

Hotel Janata Happy Home 

Kasturba Road,
Phone 230229

Hotel Meghdoot

Dasturi Naka bus station,
Phone 230266

Hotel Prassana

Phone 230258

Hotel Prem Deep

Phone 230212

Preeti Lodge 

Phone 230202

Rangoli Retreat

B.P. 187,
M.G Road,
Phone 230272

Silvan Hotel

Phone 230201

Hotel Wood Side

Phone 230218

MTDC Holiday Resort

Dasturi Naka,
Phone 230540

Richie Rich Resorts

Bazaar Peth, 
M.G. Road,
Phone 230007

The Byke Retreat

M.G Road,
Phone 230365

Hotel Rugby

Near Dasturi Naka,
Vitharao Kotwal Road,
Phone 230291

The Verandah in the Forest

Barr House,
Phone 230810

Park View Hotel

Main market,
Opp Nauroji Lord Garden,
Railway Station,
M.G Road,
Matheran 410102

How to Reach Matheran


Nearest Airport is Mumbai. Matheran is 131 Kms away from Mumbai Airport.


Nearest Railway Station is Neral. Neral is the Railway Station on Central Railway Line. Neral Railway Station is 84 Kms away from Mumbai. Mini train runs between Neral and Matheran Railway station. Matheran railway station is 21 Kms away from Neral railway station. 

Taxi Services are available from Dastur Naka. 

Mumbai - Neral 2 Hours

Neral- Matheran 1 Hours 


Distance Between Matheran to Neral 11 Kms 

Distance Between Matheran to Mumbai 131 Kms

Distance Between Matheran to Pune 144 Kms

All Vehicles hault at Dastur Naka 

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