Gooseberry Benefits


Gooseberry Benefits

 Amla tree grows in almost all the provinces of India.  Like Tulsi, Amla tree is also considered sacred from religious point of view.  Women also worship it.  The height of Amla tree is about 6 to 8 meters.  Amla leaves are about half an inch long like tamarind leaves.  Its flowers appear in very small bunches of greenish-yellow color and the fruits are spherical, greenish-yellow colored about 2.5 to 5 cm in diameter.  The color of ripe fruits is reddish.  Like melons, the 6 lines on the fruit symbolize 6 blocks.  There are 6 cells in the kernels of the fruit, the pulp is small, fibrous and the kernels are big in small gooseberry, small amla is more suitable for medicinal use.

Amla tree is 6 to 8 meters high and its trunk is crooked and 150 to 300 cm thick.  Flowering starts on this tree in February-May and results from October to April.

The bark of Amla tree is thin and leaves a layer.
Amla flowers are yellow in color and bunched.
Amla fruits are spherical half to one inch diameter pulp yellowish green and become red on ripening.  There are six lines on this fruit.  There is hexagonal seed inside the fruit.
Amla is cold (cold) in nature.
Amla is harmful to the spleen but it is cured by taking with honey.
Honey and almond oil removes the defects of amla and helps in its properties.
Amla juice 10 to 20 ml.  5 to 10 grams of powder.
Amla provides youth with youth and youth like strength.  Amla as a tonic is like nectar for body and health.  Brain-diligent individuals get amla by increasing their intake of amla regularly through any method throughout the year.  The astringent gooseberry is sweet after drinking water after eating.
 Amla is green, fresh or dried old, its properties are not destroyed.  Its acidity protects its properties.  Amla has been given great importance in Ayurveda, due to which it is considered as a chemical.  Chyawanprash is the famous chemical of Ayurveda, which is also used by the common man as a tonic.  Vitamin 'C' is rich in it due to amla excess.  It increases healing power in the body.  Vitamin is very useful for skin, eye diseases and hair (hair).  Vitamin C also plays an important role in preventing infection, keeping gums healthy, healing wounds and blood.

1. Hair Diseases: 

Soak Indian gooseberry powder in water and keep it overnight.  Washing hair daily with this water in the morning will strengthen their roots, increase their beauty, and apply rosemary to their hair to make them black.

 2. Urination Irritation:

 Drink two spoons of honey in half a cup of gooseberry juice.
 Mix 50 ml juice of green Indian gooseberry, 25 grams of sugar or honey and drink it in the morning and evening.  This is a weighing dose.  Due to this, the urine will come in open, it will cure burning and constipation.  Premature ejaculation is also overcome by this.

3. Stuttering, Irritability:

Give 1 fresh amla to the child to chew daily for a few days.  By this, the tongue is thin, voice is clear, stuttering and alopecia are removed.
 Raw, ripe green gooseberry can be sucked several times on stuttering and licking.

 4. Bleeding: 

Apply fresh juice of gooseberry to the place of secretion, the secretion will stop.

 5. Metallurgist (Semen Growth): 

Mixing two spoons of amla juice in one teaspoon of ghee can be taken 3 times a day for at least 7 days.

 6. When Urine Stops: 

 Grind raw gooseberries and apply it to the pulp pellet.

 7. In Eye Diseases:

Grind about 20-50 grams Indian gooseberry fruit and boil it in 500 ml water for 2 hours and filter it and add it to the eyes 3 times a day, it is very beneficial for eye diseases.
 The fluid that comes out of holes in the gooseberry on the tree.  By applying it around the outside of the eye, swelling of the auspicious part of the eye disappears.
 Putting the juice of gooseberry in the eyes or the juice of 4 grams of drumstick leaves and the fourth part of about 1 gram of rock salt mixed with them in the eyes, the initial cataract (Nutan Abhisind) is destroyed.
 Soak about 6 grams of gooseberry in cold water.  After 2-3 hours squeeze those gooseberries and soak them in the water again.  After 2-3 hours squeeze them and throw them.  In this way, water should be poured into the eyes 3-4 times.  This causes the eyes to fade.
 Drinking Amla juice increases eyesight.  Eating ground coriander with amla is also beneficial in eye diseases.

 8. For Beautiful Hair:

 Soak 30 grams of dried gooseberry, 10 grams of baheda, 50 grams of mango kernels and 10 grams of iron powder, in a pan, overnight.  Applying it on hair daily, the hair which turns white at a young age turns black in a few days.
 Make a decoction of Amla, Ritha, Shikakai, three heads and make the hair soft, thick and long.
 Grind amla and mango kernel marrow together and apply in the head to produce strong long hair.

9. Voice Sitting:

 Mixing equal quantity of parsley, turmeric, amla, yavakshar, chitrak, licking 1 to 2 grams of powder with 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of ghee makes it sound better.
 Taking a spoonful of grounded gooseberry with lukewarm water opens the sitting throat and the sound begins to clear.
 Eat raw gooseberry again and again.

 10. Hikka (hiccup):

 Pipli, Indian gooseberry, dry ginger mixed with 2-2 grams of its powder, 10 grams of sugar and one spoon of honey, using it again and again helps to relieve hiccups and respiratory diseases.
 Taking 10-20 ml juice of Indian gooseberry and 2-3 grams powder of pipal powder, 2 spoons of honey in the morning and evening in the day provides relief in hiccups.
 Licking 3 grams of Pippali powder and 5 grams of honey in 10 ml juice of Indian gooseberry provides relief from hiccups.
 Taking amla, dry ginger, small peppers and sugar powder does not cause hiccups.
 Taking syrup of gooseberry jam is very beneficial in hiccups.

 11. Vomiting:

 Mixing 10-20 ml juice of Indian gooseberry, 5-10 grams sugar candy in hiccups and vomiting provides relief.  It should be taken 2-3 times a day.  Only 10-50 grams of its powder can be given with water.
 In vomiting caused by Tridosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), gooseberry and grapefruit should be grinded and mixed with 40 grams khand, 40 grams of honey and 150 ml of water and filtered with a cloth.
 Mixing one teaspoon of honey and 10 grams of white sandalwood powder in 20 ml juice of Indian gooseberry is useful to stop vomiting.
 Mix fine powder of Pippali in Amla juice and a little honey and lick it provides relief in vomiting.
 Taking equal quantity of Indian gooseberry and sandalwood powder, licking 1-1 teaspoon powder with sugar and honey thrice a day stops vomiting due to heat.
 Eating the fruit of gooseberry or drinking 40 ml decoction of the bark and leaves of its tree in the morning and evening stops summer vomiting and diarrhea.
 Licking honey and 10 grams of white sandal powder in amla juice stops vomiting.

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