The fear of Coronavirus is spreading fast. So many people in the world are infected due to Coronavirus. More than 1600 people are dead due to Coronavirus. 

China declares the situation out of control in the fight against the corona virus, and demands the World Health Organization to declare a state of emergency in the country

Saudi Arabia announces the departure of three Saudi aircraft to bring Saudi nationals in the country of China in the coming hours soon

Russia announces the closure of the airspace and the suspension of all its incoming and outgoing flights to China

Coronavirus is spreading in many countries of the world and hundreds of cases in hospitals

 Coronavirus Prevention 

 1- Avoid crowding
 2- Not leaving the house except for necessity
 3- Putting masks
 4- Using hand sanitizers after shaking hands with people or injured people
 5- Good heating inside and outside the house
 6- Take sparkling or chewing vitamin C twice a day
 7- Eat honey to strengthen immunity
 8- Drink hot drinks permanently

 Coronavirus Symptoms:

 1- Heat
 2- Coughing
 3- Sore throat
 4- Tremor
 5- Runny nose
 6- Head ache
 7- General fatigue
 9-Chest Pain
 11-Rapid Heartbeat
 12-Breathing Difficulties
 13-Shortness of Breath

Coronavirus has spread in Delhi and surrounding areas,

 1) If the size of this virus is 400 to 500 microns, then any masque can stop it.  No need to get a mask of high value.

 2) This virus does not live in the air, it travels from one place to another on an object or an organism itself.
 Therefore it does not spread by air.

 3) If this virus is on the metal, it survives for 12 hours, after touching any such infected metal, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

 4) The virus remains on clothes for 9 hours, wash clothes thoroughly with soap and dry in the sun serves the purpose.

 5) This virus stays on the hands for 10 minutes, so protect it by applying alcohol alcohol sterilizer and make a habit of keeping it in the pocket.

 6) The virus dies coming at a temperature of 26 to 27 degrees, so drink warm water, and take sunlight, avoid ischem and cold food.

 7) Gargle with warm salt water, this prevents the virus from reaching the lungs.

 8) Avoid visiting crowded places.

 Follow all these things and avoid corona.


General Information -Corona is a virus
The name is.  Simple coughing to cough
 Severe Acute
 Such as Respiratory Syndrome or measles (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)
 Coronas are known to cause viruses for illness.

• Diagnosis of Crohn's viral illness
These are the essentials
 Infections that are usually associated with the condition are generally similar to influenza illness
 There are.  Itching, coughing, difficulty breathing, pneumonia, sometimes sufferers
 There are similar implications.

 • Corona virus
 How does the spread of the disease spread?
 How about the spread of the disease caused by Corona virus?
 Not many
 The brightness is real
 In general, though, this disease is usually transmitted by air
 The drops that come out of the cough may not be present
 Spreads.  Animals live in the prime place of the Corona virus
 • No drugs or vaccines are available on Corona virus
They are treated as saline.
 • How to take care not to get coronary disease - come to Maharashtra now
 The disease is not infected, but the following precautions are necessary for the patient.
2) Ascension
 No. of Persons with Disorders of the Estate
 No Taking care not to pregnent 
 3) Hand warmers to strike

4) Holding naphtha or tissue paper over the nose while coughing
 2) Baked, raw mother  Do not eat.

 2) Fruits, vegetables should not be eaten.

 • Individuals who seek the following should seek medical advice immediately

 Distress and discomfort associated with anxiety

If it is not clear what disease is causing the disease and in the country affected by the fire




 NCV (Covid 19) is a subtype of Corona Virus Family
 These viruses are responsible for flu like respiratory diseases
 Previous Corona Virus diseases were SARS & MERS
 They are zoonotic (transmitted from animals)

What is the epidemic?

It started in city Wuhan (China) in a group of people exposed to a common meat market & spread to other parts of world

Bats, Fish, Chicken, Snakes

1. Droplet (cough)
2. Fomite (hand to mouth)
3. Ingestion (food borne – very rare)


Mild Moderate Severe
Fever – low grade
Throat pain

Fever – high grade
Yellow green Sputum
Chest Pain
Respiratory failure
Other organ inolvement

Susceptible Population:
Pregnant ladies, Pediatric patients, Elderly

Immunosuppressed – On Steroid therapy, Cancer Survivors


1. Real Time PCR Assay -
Done on Sputum / throat swab / body fluids.
This is available in Microbiology Laboratory of Kasturba Hospital

2. Supportive test – Complete Blood Count, Chest X-ray, Chest CT 

Treatment -

No specific treatment, Isolation care, No vaccine available
Supportive Care (fluids etc.)
Good Nutrition

Prevention - 
1. Hand Washing - Technique (WHO)
2. Mask - N 95 - N 95 respirator 
3. Food Safety - Properly cooked meat
4. Immunity building - Balanced diet

Misunderstandings -
1. Does not spread from properly cooked non veg food
2. Does not spread from Chinese food / carrier
3. No risk from pets
4. Symptom free people need not use mask
5. Every cough and cold is not Corona
6. Mild and Moderate disease is curable with supportive care

Take Home -

Prevention from Coronavirus

Dont keep Mobile and Handkerchief in one pocket. Due to this infection may be increased.

If any person is sneezing or having cough he should keep tissue paper not handkerchief. 

Dont use public computer in Cyber Cafe otherwise use hand gloves.Experts are advising that always keep sanitiser with you.

If your phone is IP68 water proof then wash your phone with water or you can use hand sanitiser.

If you are calling from earphone then infection can be reach to your face. It is always advised that start using mobile phone very less.

Dont use cleaning liquid for cleaning your gadgets in home or office. Due to this your gadget will be colourless.

Use hand sanitiser for cleaning laptop and start using laptop by cleaning tissue paper.

Dont forget to clean your earphone. You can use hand sanitiser for cleaning earphone. Dont share your earphone with anyone.

Start cleaning your Gadget once in a day till Coronavirus disapears.

Wash your hands with soap when you are using Laptop and Mobile.

Dont touch other people Laptop or Phone . Dont give your gadget to other people. By doing this you can prevent yourself from Coronavirus. 

When you are coughing cover your face or you can use tissue paper. Tissue paper should be thrown in dustbin.

Clean all gadgets and surface you are touching regularly. Use Sanitiser.

Dont share plate, glass and spoon like vassels.

It is always better to keep distance of 2 meters from unknown person.

Always use mask when you are going outside.

Wash your hand with soap and water for minimum 20 seconds. Use alcohol based hand sanitiser.

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