Trip to Allahabad


Trip to Allahabad

I have done trip of Allahabad on 20 January 2020.
My trip to Allahabad was one of the most memorable journey of all the journeys I have done in my life till date. I remember that day very well in my life. I have done trip to Allahabad on Sunday. I wake up early in the morning at 4 am on Sunday for trip to Allahabad. I was having waiting list ticket in Kashi Train.
I waked up very early in the morning. I finished all the routine works. My mother waked up before me at 3 am early in the morning. My mother has prepared all the foods for my trip to Allahabad. God should give like My Mother to Mother everyone. God can not live to every where that’s why he made Mother for everyone.
I have worshiped to God. Then I have taken breakfast. Breakfast was very delicious. After  finishing  the breakfast I worn the clothes and got ready to go towards Railway Station. My train departure timing was 7.20 am in the morning. I  left my house at 6.15 am in the morning to going towards Railway Station.
I touched the feet of God before leaving my house to going towards Railway Station. I touched the feet of my Mother also after coming out of home and took blessing of my Mother for happy journey. I was having 2 bags with me. I was having one trolly bag and 1 sack bag with me. I don’t like to travel with heavy luggage.
I was not having too much luggage with me that’s why I want to come to alone to the Railway Station . But my Mother has sent my cousin brother with me to drop me to railway station despite refusal from me. I was having one bag with me and other bag was with my cousin brother out of two bags. I get down from my home by stairs and said bye bye to my Mother.
I have taken blessing of my mother and started my journey towards Kalyan Railway station. My cousin brother came with me till some distance then Isent him back to our sweet home. Then I started my Solo Trip towards my destination Allahabad. Now I was walking towards Kalyan Railway Station alone. I was very happy with this trip to Allahabad.
I was having storm of hope in my eyes. I was knowing that’s very well that there will be lot of thriller in my trip to Allahabad. As I was moving towards Railway station my happiness was increasing. I reached at Kalyan Railway station at 6.45 am sharp. After reaching at Kalyan Railway station I was very happy .
I cant express my happiness in words because I know that’s very well that I will forget all worries of my life once I catch the train of my life. I will get the rid of all worries of my life. I was having waiting list ticket which was not confirmed till now. I went to see the Reservation Chart to confirm the Reservation of mine.
I have checked my name in Reservation Chart. Hopefully was my name in Reservation Chart by the blessing of God. I have confirmed my seat and I was waiting for the train on platform. Train was little beat late by its actual time. I was started thinking that what should I do now because train was late. Then I went to the vendor on the railway platform and purchased some salty and biscuits.
After some time there was announcement that Kashi Express is coming on platform number 04. I was very excited after hearing the announcement. Kashi Train reached at Kalyan station  at 7.30 am sharp. There was too much crowd on the platform. Once train arrived at the platform. I climbed in my reserved coach and seated on my reserved seat. Kashi train halted at Kalyan railway station only for 5 minutes. Kashi train departed from Kalyan railway station at 7.35 am sharp. I was travelling in Sleeper Class. I was having my reserved seat out of the 6 seats we are having together in compartments. I was having my upper berth. There was one more family in the same compartment.They also boarded in the train from Mumbai only. Now in that compartment we were having 4 seats reserved. Two seats were still empty they were boarding from Nasik Road station. I have adjusted all my luggage beneath the seats. Then I became settled. Now when I am writing about my trip to Allahabad I am sitting in the one of the garden from Mulund city. Still two seats were vacant in our compartment so one locat student came and seated on the seat. He wanted to get down at Lasalgaon railway station. He came from lasalgaon to Mumbai for giving the examination. Slowly slowly my train was moving towards my destination. There was too much cold because I was travelling in winter season. I had worn green jacket and blue jeans because there was lot of cold in the train. Slowly slowly my train was moving towards my destination. Then train passed the Shahad railway station. As the train moving towards Allahabad I was getting rid of all my worries. Cold was increasing as the train was moving slowly slowly towards Allahabad. We have shut down both the windows because there was lot of cold in the train. I was having lot of happiness that I cannot express in my words. I can see outside the window that there was lot of greenery around everywhere. Its look like earth has worn green blanket from everywhere. There was so many big mountains I was able to see on the way to Allahabad. Its look like big mountains are travelling with us. I have remembered my childhood memory after I have seen all these scenes out of the window. My train have reached to Kasara railway station at 9 am sharp. Kashi train was delayed by 30 minutes by its actual departure time.

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AM said…
Nice one. Try editing it with the help of someone with proper English. Your enthusiasm is praiseworthy. Take care
Traveller Ram said…
Thanks alot for your valuable feedback. Its not end of my trip to allahabad. Part 2 will be coming very soon. Please follow my blog so that you can get timely notifications when I publish new Articles. Thanks.