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Hi! I'm Paul Harrington


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Showing posts from February, 2020

Trekking Forts : Top 10 Places to Visit in Nashik

Trekking Forts : Top 10 Places to Visit in Nashik : Trip to Nashik Today I wake up early in morning at 5.50 am in morning. I finished all the routine things. I catched the Kashi train fro...

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Allahabad

Best Tourist Places To Visit in Allahabad  This city has earned a lot of fame in the field of politics and literature, during the Mughal period and also during the British rule, this city was decorated with achievements. This city has been playing a good role in the creation of…

Trip to Allahabad

I have done trip of Allahabad on 20 January 2020. My trip to Allahabad was one of the most memorable journey of all the journeys I have done in my life till date. I remember that day very well in my life. I have done trip to Allahabad on Sunday. I wake up early in the morning at 4 am…

Top 15 Monsoon Treks Near Mumbai

Top 15 Monsoon Treks Near Mumbai  1. Naneghat Place:Junnar Duration:03 Hours Height:2785 Ft Difficulty: Easy Nearest Railway Station:Kalyan 2.Peb/Vikatgad Fort Place:Matheran Duration:2-3 Hours Height:2100 Ft Difficulty:Medium Nearest Railway Station:Neral 3.Sondai …

My Real Life Story Part-2

This is Real life Story of 11/11/2014 Today I  have learned very good thing in life . What ever thing you are doing do it with lot o dedication. When you are doing any thing with a lot of confidence all your tension gets over. Whatever things I have done today I have done with lot…