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Hi! I'm Paul Harrington

An adventure travel photographer, professional blogger, and digital nomad.

Hi! I'm Paul Harrington


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My Real Life Story Part-1

This is Real Life Story of 07/10/2013.  I was trying to write diary since longer time. Today I have got opportunity to write diary. Nothing was going very good in my life since longer time. My life was going at half past seven. My Childhood was very good. I did not have any health rel…


Poverty is a major problem of our country.  I do not see the poverty of people. I want to do a lot for poor people.  But I am forced that my own condition is very bad. If every person in our country donates 1% of his salary to the poor every month, then poverty can be overcome to a…

What Should We Do with Our First Salary ?

What Should We Do with Our First Salary ? Few days before I have heard that one person has donated his first salary for charity.  I felt good that only few peoples can do this. Do you remember that what you have done for your first salary. I think you may be went with your family …

Shivneri Fort Trek

Shivneri Fort Trek  Today was a very important day in my life. Today people from my office were going to Shivneri Fort for trekking. I was very happy. I had the privilege of visiting Shivneri Fort for the first time. . I woke up early in the morning and got read…

Songiri Fort Trek | Palasdari Fort Trek | Karjat | Maharashtra

Songiri Fort Trek | Palasdari Fort Trek | Karjat | Maharashtra  I trekked Songiri Fort on 14th June 2018. Songiri Fort  Today  is extremely  good day on behalf of me b ecause all of my trekking friends are going for trekking to Songiri Fort. Trekking is my life  and tha…